How to judge the quality of imported bearings?

Time:2019-12-14    58

  In some mechanical industries, people often need to use the imported bearing, which is a mechanical part, and this kind of part is also relatively damaged in use. At this time, relevant staff need to purchase some bearings to replace. There are many manufacturers of this kind of parts, and the quality of these parts produced by these manufacturers is also different. When we buy, we will definitely choose the one with better quality to buy, so which aspects should we judge the bearing quality?

  Dimension 1. Whether there is any noise during the operation of the inner and outer sleeve of the imported bearing

  When judging the quality of the bearing, we need to hold this kind of part and let its outer sleeve run a little. Also, when the coat is rotating, we should pay attention to whether the part makes any noise. If there is noise in the part, or it is not easy to operate, the quality of the part is not good enough.

  Dimension 2. Whether there is obvious oil stain on the bearing surface

  In order to prevent the bearing from rusting in the process of transportation and use, the manufacturer will generally carry out anti rust treatment on its surface when producing the bearing. Some factories have good antirust treatment technology, and some factories have poor antirust treatment technology. The surface of the parts produced by this technology is free of obvious oil stains.

  Dimension 3. Whether the chamfer of bearing is relatively uniform

  This chamfer is only the intersection between two different faces of the part. For those parts with poor quality, their chamfering treatment is not very uniform.

  When judging the quality of bearings, we should analyze from the above three aspects. Only in this way can we find the bearing with the best quality.