Agricultural machinery continues to develop in the direction of large-scale, wide, high-speed and high productivity, and on the basis of mechanization, it gradually transforms to the automation of production process.
Hub bearing is one of the key parts of automobile. Its main function is to carry the weight and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of hub. Hub bearing unit is developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearing and tapered roller bearing. It takes two sets of bearings as a whole, has been widely used in cars, and has a trend of gradually expanding application in trucks.
It is mainly used in national defense construction engineering, transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw material industry construction and production, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields.
Mining machinery is a kind of machinery which is directly used in mineral mining and rich separation. Including mining machinery and mineral processing machinery. The working principle and structure of prospecting machinery are mostly the same or similar to those used for mining similar minerals. In a broad sense, prospecting machinery also belongs to mining machinery. In addition, a large number of cranes, conveyors, ventilators and drainage machines are also used in mining operations.
Wind power generation refers to turning the kinetic energy of wind into electric energy. Wind energy is a clean and pollution-free renewable energy. Using wind power is very environmental friendly and has a huge amount of wind energy, so it is increasingly valued by all countries in the world.
Food machinery is the general name of all mechanical equipment that processes food raw materials into finished products or semi-finished products. The product level has reached a new level, and the trend of large-scale, complete set and automation has begun to appear.