The elements of the cracking of the bearing

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The so-called cracking refers to the cracking caused by the small amount of music impact or excessive load exerted by needle roller bearing on the edge or roller angle of raceway wheel. The element of this situation is that the needle bearing is impacted by the equipment. The bearing capacity is too large. Careless fall and other poor use.

Corresponding methods to improve the equipment methods (select the hot installation, use the appropriate thing clip). Correct the load conditions. Needle bearing equipment is in place, so that the edge is supported.

When the needle bearing is jammed

The so-called sticking injury is the surface damage caused by the summary of some minor burns of needle bearing on the sliding surface. Linear scars on the peripheral direction of slide surface and rolling surface. The cycloid scar on the end face of the roller is jammed on the shaft ring near the end face of the roller.

The elements of needle roller bearing sticking

Excessive load and preloading. Poor lubrication. Foreign body bite in. Deflection of inner ring and outer ring, deflection of shaft. The accuracy of shaft and bearing box is poor.

The method of preventing the needle bearing from sticking

Check the load. The preloading should be appropriate. Improve lubricants and lubrication methods. Check the accuracy of shaft and bearing box.

The so-called burn hazard situation of bearing refers to: the raceway wheel, the rolling body and the holding frame of the bearing are heated sharply in rotation until discoloration, softening, deposition and damage.

Secondly, the bearing capacity may be too large (too much preloading). The speed is too high and too fast. The clearance is too small. Intrusion of water or other foreign matter. Suppose that the above two cases are not so, that is, the accuracy of the shaft and bearing box is poor, and the deflection of the shaft is large. See here, think about the way to deal with it. First of all, to study the lubricant and lubrication methods, select the right bearing lubricant, and its amount, and to correct the selection of bearings. The research should cooperate with imported bearing space and preloading, and improve sealing equipment. Check the accuracy between the shaft and the bearing housing.