What are the requirements for the use and maintenance of bearing equipment?

Time:2019-12-14    77

1. Requirements for use of bearing equipment:

(1) Before operating the equipment independently, employees shall participate in the training of equipment safety operation regulations and maintenance knowledge, and can operate the equipment only after obtaining the operation certificate.

2. The operator shall achieve "three good" and "four meetings":

"Three good" means to manage, use and maintain the equipment;

"Four abilities" means that they can use equipment, maintain equipment, check equipment and eliminate general faults.

3."Five Disciplines" of equipment operators:

A. Implement the operation of fixed person and machine, use the equipment with the operation certificate, and strictly abide by the safety operation regulations;

B. Keep the equipment clean and tidy, add oil according to the regulations, and ensure reasonable lubrication;

C. Observe the daily spot check and shift system;

D. Take good care of tools and accessories and do not lose them;

E. In case of any abnormality, stop the vehicle for inspection immediately. If you can't handle the problem yourself, report it in time and cooperate with the maintenance personnel to eliminate it.

4. "Four requirements" for equipment maintenance:

(1) Tidiness: tools, workpieces and accessories shall be placed in order, equipment parts and safety protection devices shall be complete, and lines and pipes shall be complete;

(2) Cleaning: the inside and outside of the equipment shall be clean, and each sliding surface, lead screw, rack, etc. shall be free of oil pollution and bruise, and each part shall be free of oil leakage, air leakage and leakage, and cutting garbage and leftover materials shall be cleaned;

(3) Lubrication: refuel and change the oil on time. The oil quality meets the requirements. The oil pot, gun, cup and nozzle are complete. The oil mark is bright and the oil path is smooth;

(4) Safety: implement the system of fixed person, fixed machine and shift, be familiar with the equipment structure, abide by the operation and maintenance procedures, use reasonably, maintain carefully, monitor abnormalities, and avoid accidents.